2021  Key Made to Order Costumer  Our Flag Means Death
Costume Designer: Christine Wada

2019  Fabric Buyer  Star Trek: Picard
Costume Designer: Christine Bieselin Clark

2018  Assistant Costume Designer  Bombshell
Dir. Jay Roach / Costume Designer: Colleen Atwood

2018  Fabric Buyer  Jungle Cruise
Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra / Costume Designer: Paco Delgado

2017  Kimono specialist Westworld (Shogun World)
Costume Designer: Sharen Davis

2017  Fabric Buyer  House with a Clock in Its Walls 
Dir. Eli Roth / Costume Designer: Marlene Stewart

2017  Costume Designer  Luna (short)
Dir. Xu Zhang

2016 Fabric Buyer  Wrinkle in Time
Dir. Ava Duvernay / Costume Designer: Paco Delgado

2016 Key Costumer Making History
Costume Designer: Amy Parris

2016 Costumer Twin Peaks
Dir. David Lynch / Costume Designer: Nancy Steiner

2015 Buyer Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Dir. James Gunn / Costume Designer: Judianna Makovsky

2015 Costume Designer Seppuku (short)
Dir. Daryn Wakasa 

2015 Assistant Costume Designer The Accountant (feature)
Dir. Gavin O'Connor / Costume Designer: Nancy Steiner

2014 Set Costumer Kingdom (tv series)
Costume Designer: Agata Maszkiewicz

2014 Costumer Key and Peele (tv series)
Costume Designer: Beth Morgan and Melody Koerber 

2013 Costumer Interstellar
Dir. Christopher Nolan / Costume Designer: Mary Zophres 

2013 Costume Designer A Song for Manzanar (short)
Dir. Kazuko Golden

2012 Costume Designer Wolves From Another Kingdom (short)
Dir. Christopher Carbone

2012 Costume Designer Mojave '43 (short)
Dir. Tommy Takemoto-Chock

2012 Costume Designer Enchanted (short)
Dir. Carole McClintock & Yeon Chul Lee

2012 Costume Designer Dead Bodies (short)
Dir. Antonio Cisneros & Tommy Takemoto-Chock  

2011 Costume Designer Lil John (short)
Dir. Eric Yandoc

2010 Costume Designer Tanto (short)
Dir. Antonio Cisneros & Tommy Takemoto-Chock

2010 Costume Designer Silver Gardens (short)
Dir. Mehdi Khani

2009 Costume Designer Hitachi's Tempura (short)
Dir. Moe Koaik

2009-10 Costume Designer Honest Cheat (feature)
Dir. Aristides Zamora


2018  Costume Designer  The African Company Presents Richard III 
Dir. Christine Menzies at Cal State Northridge

2017 Costume Designer  Tim
Dir. Lauren Ludwig at Atwater Village Theater

2015 Costume Designer Charivari in Voyeurville
Dir. Brandon Baruch at Hollywood Fringe

2015 Costume Designer Paloma
Dir. Alan Freeman at  LATC

2014 Costume Designer No Homo
Dir. Brandon Baruch at Hollywood Fringe, New York Fringe, Atwater Village Theater

2013 Costume Designer To Kill a Mockingbird
Dir. Anamarie Dwyer at Cal State Northridge

2012 Costume Designer Big Love
Dir. Jamie Angell at Occidental College

2011 Costume Designer Erendira
Dir. Monica Payne at UCLA

2011 Costume Designer Copenhagen
Dir. Alex Levy at UCLA

2010 Costume Designer On Emotion
Dir. Matthew McCray at Son of Semele

2010 Costume Designer Deicide: A Sorta Musical
Dir. Brandon Baruch at Hollywood Fringe

2010 Costume Designer Elektra
Dir. Monica Payne at UCLA

2010 Costume Designer Slaughter City
Dir. Barbara Kallir at Son of Semele

2009 Costume Designer Molly Sweeney
Dir. Randee Trabitz at Son of Semele Ensemble

2007 Costume Designer Fefu and Her Friends
Dir. Alan Freeman at Occidental College

2007 Costume Designer You Should Be So Lucky
Dir. Brandon Baruch at Occidental College

2006 Costume Designer The Beauty Myth
Dir. Jessica Hanna at Occidental College

Other Experience


Independent Researcher/Designer

Richter Scholarship: Fringe Cultures

Okinawa and Hokkaido, Japan

Was awarded a scholarship to travel to Japan and research the textile traditions of minority populations in Okinawa and Hokkaido. Research involved visiting museums, touring weaving and dyeing workshops, interviewing artisans, and photography. This culminated in a gallery show displaying my photos as well as a series of three sculptural garments inspired by modern and traditional Japanese fashion, created from recycled materials purchased in the United States and Japan.


  • Advanced proficiency with Adobe Photoshop
  • Specialist in Japanese costume, textiles, and culture
  • Conversationally fluent in Japanese


B.A. Costume Design, emphasis in Japanese Textiles
Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
Graduated Cum Laude with Honors

M.F.A., Costume Design
University of California, Los Angeles, CA

References available upon request.

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