Laura Wong is a Los Angeles based costume designer and costumer working in theater, film, and television. 

She loves the process of creating characters and telling compelling stories through costume, and is particularly passionate about the study of non-Western dress. Her favorite projects are those that provide an opportunity to give voice to the underrepresented. 

Laura specializes in Japanese costume and textiles and has studied the subject extensively in Japan and in the United States. Past research topics have included Tokyo street fashion tribes, textile traditions of Japanese minority populations in Okinawa and Hokkaido, and the role of the kimono in contemporary society. She recently completed her certification as a licensed kimono dresser and teacher with the Southern California branch of the Yamano School, based in Tokyo. She also owns her own business BORO BORO where she sells vintage kimono and textiles from Japan.

Laura is a graduate of UCLA with an MFA in Costume Design. 

Proud member of:
Local 892 - Costume Designers Guild
Local 705 - Motion Picture Costumers

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